[Article] Cardio and Fat Loss

Every January, gyms all across North America are packed with people declaring to “get in shape” as a New Year’s resolution. Only God knows if we will take better physical care of our bodies in 2019. One thing we DO know for sure is that adding gym time to an already hectic work week doesn’t sound ideal. Hell, there are so many fad diets and online personal trainers available that it seems confusing to even know where to start. Cardio or weight training? Keto or Paleo? I came across a Pop Sugar article by Tamara Pridgett that talks about the role of cardio in fitness and sensible weight loss. Follow her Twitter @TamaraPridgett and stay fit.


[Article]Warren Buffett’s ‘3-step’ 5/25 strategy: How to focus and prioritize your time like a billionaire

Happy Monday! In my weekly search for inspirational quotes and productivity hacks, I came across a good read from writer, Mayo Oshin, featured in The Ladders. The article sheds light on billionaire Warren Buffet’s tips on how to prioritize your goals and focus on things that are important. Who wouldn’t take advice from one of the richest living investors of our time? Check out the article using the link below, and get familiar Mayo Oshin at mayooshin.com. #doitnow


[Thoughts] Oprah’s Golden Globe Win

I didn’t even make an attempt to watch the Golden Globes last night. I was in bed drinking juice, watching Pokemon and reliving my childhood. I DID however hear of some Black girl magic happening when Oprah was the first Black woman to win the Cecil B DeMille award. Let me drop a quick Jewel on you…

I’m glad that Black people are FINALLY being recognized for excellence in their respective fields. I think seeing people as equal is a great way to break your best ‘A game’ in every aspect of life. Imagine if we could all just be on a leveled playing field? I think we often spend so much time comparing our differences, we often forget how similar we are. 

I’m also sad that we have to have so many ‘first’ for Blacks in 2018. That shit is fucking ridiculous. We have ALWAYS displayed excellence, whether the academy sees it or not. 

I guess my real question is…

Should we value these award shows at all?

In any event, good Job Oprah. We’ll deserved. Keep inspiring little girls all over the world. 

Check out the speech in the buzzfeed link below.


[Article] How I Healed From Crohns Disease

First, let me preface this by saluting everyone world wide who is fighting the good fight against crohns disease. I was diagnosed in 2015, after years of medication for a mystery illness affecting my joints, eyes, and skin. The disease affects everyone differently, and can be super difficult to cope with. I came across this article/blog by Meghan Telpner on some tools she used in her healing journey. There is no cure for crohns (they say), but I believe in the healing and transforming of lives through the human spirit and the power of the most high God. Check out the article, and notice how much of these practices could be beneficial to your everyday life regardless of your situation. Spread light! #DoItNow


[Article] 31 Things You Need to Start Doing For Yourself

What a great read! I found this post interesting as I just turned 31 on the 31st of December (wooo wooooo)! Check out the article, courtesy of the great folks over at Bay Art and tell them DropaJewel sent you. Happy Hump day!

What Are You Doing With Your Life?

As an adult, something happens at the end of every year. I find myself reflecting over the previous year’s accomplishments and failures. For the most part, I’m not too hard on myself and I’m always impressed at some of the obstacles I’ve overcome (with the help of the Almighty). I pride myself on being productive and try to be reasonable when it comes to goals and my life mission.

Today is January 4, 2016 and I arrived at work thinking “what am I going to do with my life?” I love my job, and for the most part life is grand, but without growth and evolution…we inevitably die. I started thinking about the rat race that we all succumb to if we get complacent. Go to work, pay bills, travel and little and do it all again. I am satisfied with today…but my tomorrows are another story. How can I make this year even better than 2015? What am I ultimately going to do with my life?


Like a millennial, I googled ‘What Am I Going To Do With My Life’ and came across thee most exhilarating article from Tiny Buddha. The author, Jammes McWhinney, sounded like he spoke to my every inaudible thought at that moment. I found the post inspirational not just for the ‘I need to make a change’  type of person, but also for someone who may have questions on their current path. We all are in some realm of self discovery as we journey life. Check out the article and let me know your thoughts on the questions and your response.