[Article] Cardio and Fat Loss

Every January, gyms all across North America are packed with people declaring to “get in shape” as a New Year’s resolution. Only God knows if we will take better physical care of our bodies in 2019. One thing we DO know for sure is that adding gym time to an already hectic work week doesn’t sound ideal. Hell, there are so many fad diets and online personal trainers available that it seems confusing to even know where to start. Cardio or weight training? Keto or Paleo? I came across a Pop Sugar article by Tamara Pridgett that talks about the role of cardio in fitness and sensible weight loss. Follow her Twitter @TamaraPridgett and stay fit.



{Article} 21 Best Stocks to Buy Before Trump Becomes President

Let me begin by laughing my ass off. The stock market is one of those things that is easily, in my opinion, the equivalent of taking long piss outside and hoping for no wind or rain. Don’t get me wrong, there are some safer bets that can keep you confident in your portfolio, but nothing is a sure thing. There is always a long list of predictions each year to keep you on edge, and market trends shifting fast enough to make your head swim. In any event, Fortune gives their investors a glimpse of attractive stocks for the new year. Check it out here¬†¬†Follow Fortune Magazine’s writer on twitter @Jenwieczner