[Article] How I Healed From Crohns Disease

First, let me preface this by saluting everyone world wide who is fighting the good fight against crohns disease. I was diagnosed in 2015, after years of medication for a mystery illness affecting my joints, eyes, and skin. The disease affects everyone differently, and can be super difficult to cope with. I came across this article/blog by Meghan Telpner on some tools she used in her healing journey. There is no cure for crohns (they say), but I believe in the healing and transforming of lives through the human spirit and the power of the most high God. Check out the article, and notice how much of these practices could be beneficial to your everyday life regardless of your situation. Spread light! #DoItNow


Article: No Gym, No Problem: Training Outside the Box

What happens to a workout deferred? Does it explode? An interesting thing happens when you turn 30…workouts, calorie counting and carb cutting are normal conversation pieces. As a member of the ‘damnit I’m not thirty yet’ club, let me just note that these conversations are good for the human body. Enjoy another cool Huffington Post article. Happy hump day!