LIVE! Views From The Apocalypse

Greetings, ye quarantined! If you are reading this blog post, you are lucky enough to fall into the category of the living. That sentiment alone should be enough to make you want to thank the most high God for another chance at life. With COVID-19 running through the hyperbolic streets of planet earth, we’ve been forced to take a moment and get the hell away from each other. Literally. Some of you have been sent to work from home, others carrying on their day to day work life in the trenches. Others have been laid off completely. Some are currently sick and quarantined, others are praying they arent sick and trying to keep others safe. Regardless of where you fall, I want to extend to you a hand of hope.

In my short lifetime, I have not experienced a pandemic that effected me directly. I have seen mass tragedy in media alone, and sent prayers for others in time of sickness and war. Nevertheless, this coronavirus has forced each of us to examine the life we are currently living. This is not just a virus that affects the poor or the “third world country”…this is for us all to endure. Our belief systems may differ all over the globe, but I encourage you to look deep within and find that glimmer of hope. This is a time where we can each do our part to keep each other as safe as possible and try to beat this thing. Wash your hands. Stay home if you can. Call an empath and lend an ear, because they are carrying the world in their hearts. Get social on social media. Join a mediation line.

I know we were expecting the zombies to come, but take heart. They will not let us down. But on a serious note, I’m praying for our world. Let’s take care of each other. We shall overcome. We always do. Love, light and blessings.

[Article] How I Healed From Crohns Disease

First, let me preface this by saluting everyone world wide who is fighting the good fight against crohns disease. I was diagnosed in 2015, after years of medication for a mystery illness affecting my joints, eyes, and skin. The disease affects everyone differently, and can be super difficult to cope with. I came across this article/blog by Meghan Telpner on some tools she used in her healing journey. There is no cure for crohns (they say), but I believe in the healing and transforming of lives through the human spirit and the power of the most high God. Check out the article, and notice how much of these practices could be beneficial to your everyday life regardless of your situation. Spread light! #DoItNow

{Thoughts} Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

Many of the blogs I read often post on bettering yourself. I subscribe to life hack. I read self help/self empowerment books. I watch TED talks. I try to educate myself on the latest digtial trends. I find myself in an existential crisis every week and in deep philosophical debates every month. I consider myself one who is always looking to evolve and grow for the better. At what point though, does one say, “I won’t be too hard on myself today?”

Think about the pressure we put on ourselves on a daily basis. The pressure to be better people. The pressure to be better parents, bosses, and bloggers. The pressure to lose and extra pound or learn a new skill. The pressure to find nirvana and be in tune with the human experience…to exist in the here and now.


Take a deep breath and know that things are working out for you as you read this. You are ever evolving in the best way possible. The joy isn’t always in the destination…sometimes the joy is in the journey. YOU WILL GET THERE. ¬†Happy Hump Day.