Article: A Practice That Stops Binge Eating & Increases Your Happiness

Happy Hump Day! I came across a great read from Melissa Dinwiddie about diet, self control and happiness. I’ve seen or experienced some of the struggles she mentioned first hand! Check it out and share your thoughts.

Ellis Performing at Rams Head Live


Rejoice! Baltimore emcee, Ellis, is back in full effect with new music from his latest album “Ocean Grown”. Check him out live at Rams Head this upcoming week. It’s sure to be a dope one, and I got those advanced tickets if you need them…holler at me.


The Health Benefits of Beer?

Beer drinkers, rejoice! I stumbled across this article and felt as if God himself had smiled on my day. I enjoy a good cold beer every few days (if I can), and I wasn’t exactly aware of its benefits. Check out the article below by David K. William and be sure to responsibly dance your way to the beer aisle. Cheers!